Sunday, May 4, 2008

TGO Challenge - 36 Hours to Departure

The Challenge officially starts in less than a week. In less than 36 hours I'll be leaving my home here in Ann Arbor for the airport to start my journey across the Atlantic to Glasgow. Butterflies are creeping into my stomach. Have I selected the right gear? Do I have everything I need printed out? Do I have my passport in a prominent location where I cannot forget to to take? Am I up for the challenge of the 13 or so miles per day average I must manage on terrain that could be easy, tough, craggy, mist shrouded, clear, but always a likely navigational challenge? Have I left things in a proper state here at home while I am away for the duration? These questions are all bouncing around my head. And yet, instead of right now packing everything up I have put things aside for the past hour or so to create the nice interactive map that you see below. This map should give you a decent idea of what I have planned. I've built in wiggle room and realize that the route is likely a best-case scenario. I hope I don't need those extra days but if I do I have them.

View the Route Map In it’s own window.

For those curious the map is generated with the Google Maps API and is based on code from not only Google but plus modifications I have made myself. Those of you who have been following the exploits of Erin and Hig as they journey along the wild coast or followed Andy Skurka on his Great Western Loop Hike via Backpacking Lightor some of my own travels may recognize the map display.
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