Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wandering Knight Podcast Is Born

Some of you know I have been working on a lot of audio and video lately. It's material from trips I've taken primarily this year. Trips as varied as my cross-Scotland trek in May, building trail along the NCT, hiking in Sedona, going to Ground Hog Day in Punsxultawny (sp), and attending music festivals, to name just a few. Some of these adventures have been shared on my website and/or blog ( and this blog respectively). But that hasn't been the best way to share them. With this in mind I have created a new podcast. The Wandering Knight podcast will feature, in time, I hope more than justmy own personal trip diaries and experiences. I hope to make it more than that with contributions from other people in the form of interviews and the like. You can access this new podcast in a variety of ways.

From its blog
From its RSS feed
itunes Podcast Feed

You should see subscription buttons in the navigation sidebar of the blog. You can click those to access the podcast's feed as well. Also direct download links to the most recent episodes can be found just below the subscription buttons.

Right now you will find part 1 of my adventure across Scotland as I took part in the Great Outdoor Challenge of 2008 last May. Subsequent episodes will appear on a more or less weekly basis.

I hope everyone enjoys what they find. Please do visit the podcast blog over at to comment.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Wheatland

The 35th Wheatland music festival Is winding down and it has been pretty good if not quite as good as last year. The music has been varied (as has been sound quality), people fun, vonversation pleasing, and the various kid a source of boundless e energy.

You come for the music but a hood festival is more than that. The vibe at a good event raises the spirits of everyone present. The Main stagfe here really does that well. I saw performers ok side stage venues here who took it up another level on the big stage. Audiences do the same thing. Hours fly by under hot sun and. Crisp star filled nights. All have fun and rejoice in good company.

I must close now, before I want to so I can save battery, but I'll have more later. Signing off from Wheatland.

** Ken **

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