Friday, April 25, 2008

Music All Around Us

I joined Jane and Greg for an evening show at Blackstone River Thwarte in Cumberland, RI leaving Mom and Dad with the kids. The show features Emily Elbert (sp?) and Brooks Williams. Both are singer-songwriters with distinct blues leanings. The concert was enjoyable and the setting fun. It is the setting I'm writing about. This theatre, an old Masonic hall I think, hosts concerts a couple times a week for several months per year. They llikely are involved with other arts related stuff the rest of the time too. Places like this well kept venue to clubs like The Ark at one end of the scene to. Very intimate house concerts T the other really provide a great place for music off a wide range to prosper and people to gather and share a peaceful enjoyable evening together without the pressures of a large concert or the passivity of just going to a movie. People get to interact easily with each other and the performers and that surely is a good thing for everyone.

Photo: Blackstone River Theatre.

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