Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scotland trip - kingussie

Scotland trip - kingussie

This is day six of the Challenge and I'm at Laird hostel (remember all spelling error are nine) here in Kibgussie. This is the lRgest town I've been in during the Challenge. The last three day and 58km have been very good indeed. I left The Caldonian for the Corruairrck (know that is spelled wrong. Think corrie-air-ick and you'll be close) Pass. The walk would be along winding old military road built circa 1715 I think by British General Wade. He used them to move forces to quell the Scottish clans. They've held up well though I feel sure some have been kept up. It is hard walking underfoot but the views are worth it. I even passed by a small patch of snow near the pass at about 780 meters. The weather was gray and I spent some of the time hiking with another challenger named Bob. By 1700 I reach the lively Melgrve bothy and pitched camp. I couldve stayed inside it is a grand place. Soon the quartet of brothers Hughen, Rod, Allen and Dave arrived as did Bob and Ethel and Russ Manipn and his group of Sam, Dave (I think) and Herman. Bob and Urzela had dinner and moved on. We had a fine night.

The next day would be a short walk to Laggan and the Monadhliath hotel. While scenically great it is a tough walk since much is on metalled road (single lane tarmac) this does make for a fast walk made quicker I think when I passed time away with Hsyden as we walked passed Spey dam and were joined by Vicki and Barbara. Barbara is a trooper. She is 79 and nearing her tenth Cgaklenge I think. Her feet are on a bad state but she soldiers on. Impressive. Whiling away the afternoon and dvenibg at the hotel was great fun I pitched my tarpyent within the church ruins which theyvallow and had a fine time. I don't miss not having a room. The food was good too.

Finallly coming into Kingussie was another pretty day of open views of moors and sheep farming with small rivers thrown in for flood measdure. I hiked with Russ and bid friends most if the day and we ambles all the way. Nick and I pullled ahead for the last bit (Andy trailing helping Vicki perhaps with Barbara) at the end and the kast mile or so which travels roads which drag on a bit. But still a very fine day.

Things are going very well and with luck will continue to do so.

** Ken **

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