Monday, May 12, 2008

Scotland - fort augustus

Three days down and many to go. I've walked main and minor roads, two tracks, footpaths, game paths, and non-paths. I've gotten off track already and been helped back on route by others and I am slowly gaining confidennxe though I doubt I'll ever feel good with map reading skills just because it is a tough read.

No time to check the village st southern loch Ness out really. I'll finish this note and head up the pass to Melgarve bothy and Garva bridge. With luck things will go well and I'll meet good people along the way. It has been tough and at times a bit lonely but I'm making a good go of it.

** Ken **

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Theo said...

Hi Kenneth, you're still there so everything should go allright. It can be tough if it's your first time in Scotland. I think the weather has been kind sofar.


AktoMan said...

Hopefully the ticks aren't bothering you. One blogger was out in the Cairngorms last week and picked up 15 of them over a few days.

Kenneth Knight said...

Though over people claimed to get ticks as far as I am aware nothing landed on me. I've not been in a position to do a truly proper thorough check but I've seen no signs of ticks and really no bites of any sort. Perhaps I have always just been lucky but ticks are rampant in many part of the States too that I hike and I've only ever had a couple.

I never noticed any biting flies or mosquitos which was a lovely change from hiking here. Had I spent a similar period of time hiking in say the Upper Peninsula or New England to say nothing of the forests down south I am sure I'd have been fodder for many more bugs than I was during the TGO.