Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wandering Knight Episode 13 Photos

Episode 13 of Wandering Knight Podcast ((direct link, We’re Not 25th) is now online.

The photos you see here were hurridly snapped by Paul Haan.


The scene at the start/end point before the rally begins. I would later learn that 22, of a possible 25, teams would enter the rally. A pretty good turn out considering it is winter and many people probably would rather stay inside. 13:49.

On the road again. Heading for our second geocache. 14:39.

We found the second cache. We could hardly believe it especially since we found it very quickly. Sure pausing for a minute to snap a couple photos cost us precious time but hey sometimes you gotta just go for it. 14:46.

Triumphal Return. We would finish 15th. We actually were checked back in a bit before this photo was shot. 15:00.