Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scotland trip - over the ocean blue

Scotland trip - over the ocean blue

We got a late start from Nrwsrk but that was to be expected given the usual congestion at the airport. Now I sit in by seat near the back if the plane thankful that no one is in the middle seat thinking of the things I failed to get done before leaving home. The biggest one of these was reserving a space at the hostels I will pass the first two nights. Hopefully I can fix this when I land. If not well I will camp far away from them and deal with it. I also wish I had brought a bit more food. While I've no doubt I can get what I need in Glasgow it is one more thing to do and perhaps it would have been best to have leg one all set before leaving home. I've added zest to the start I didn't need to add, but it will work our.

I met Lou and Phyllox Laborit and we chatted some. They really enjoy Scotland. They gave done morecthan a dozen Chsllenges and have travelled other trails too. I really should try to mine their knowledge more than I have and maybe over the next couple days I will. It is hard to really guage how tough this trip will be. I think that is my biggest concern. I hope when I drugs off to fitful sleep in this airplane seat these waking issues don't color my dreams which will instead fill me with nothing but hope for what I'm about to do because until proven otherwise I do think I'll make the crossing.

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