Monday, May 5, 2008

Scotland trip day 1

Scotland trip day 1

I squeeze into a small seat on an overheated plane. Thus small jet will take me to Nrwsrk and then it is on to Glasgow. The butterflies will fly with me. What have I forgotten, not considered orotherwise goofed up before I even leave Michigan? I'll find out 3400 mile from now. In spite of the butterflies I'm excited about this trip. It is going to be full of first for me. Just to name a few: first solo trip abroad, first backpacking trip outside the States, first use of the Arctic backpack and some other gear. I expect to learn a lot and come away with many good stories. I hope I succeed in the crossing of Scotland. At the very least not to make a fool of myself.

Travel contains so much waiting. Waiting can be frustrating especially when you're expecting things to happen or are looking for particular people. I stand and wait and hope I'm doing all I need to do. In less than a day I'll know for sure.

** Ken **

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