Friday, May 23, 2008

Scotland Trip - Montrose

On Thursday , May 22, 2008 around 1530 I officially ended my Challenge hike at Donattar Castle just a couple miles south of Stonehaven where I sold in the ocean and had a leisurely lunch with Steph and John. My coast to coast trek of the Scottish highlands is complete. It couldn't have gone ewmuch better.

Sure I spent an initdinate amount of time is Heatheryhaugh and Heathery hill trying to get through. I spent a remarkable bit if time making deep footprints over Blsckctaiggs too. But I also saw grand views from Little Kerlich and wonderful runs of brilliant yellow Gos plants lining farm farms. And as always met many fine people. Their is my h more to write but it'll have to wait for another entry. A fantastic adventure is ending and I can start to think about next year.

** Ken **

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