Sunday, May 23, 2010

Through Glen Feshie

How can this tourist hub of a village that gunnels Challengers through itself over this weekend feel so empty? I know they're around but I've not really seen any comrades since mid-afternoon. Sure bunches just paused long enough for a bite, a pint, and a resupply before going to places like Lich Calliter or Gelder Shiel (sp) to name two but I know many are here somewhere. It is a bit lonely.

The last couple days have yielded great, even a bit hot, weather. Fantastic clear skies for crossing Glen Feshie. High hot dun to burn your forearms and dry your feet after stream crossings. No rain but for a small shower this morning that didn't amount too much.

Me crossing a stile on a path outside of Braemar. The paths through Birkwood are worth checking out.

Snow on the peaks of the Cairngorm plateau.

A view of a side street here in Braemar.

Me and a rare sight in Scotland: signage directing foot/bike traffic along anceint paths.

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