Friday, May 28, 2010


(Montrose, Scotland) One thing that stands out about the Challenge is the community that exists around the event. It persists beyond the two week window of the event itself but truly blossoms during the Challenge proper. You see it in the willingness of Challengers to lend a hand be it a small thing or large favor. I certainly saw this in action when I was able to join up with others on their hike. But it us definitely not restricted to just me. I saw, and was happy to see, the spirit of a hiking community at work as I passed through Braemar. I am glad to see people offer help to anyone who needs it. The sense of followship that comes along with the Challenge is, for many, an important part of what makes the whole thing special, far more than a simple coast-to-coast trek across Scotland.

My ticket from my endpoint of Stonehaven to Montrose.

Me in my new Paramo Qito jacket. I'd better love this coat for what it cost me.

Are campsite at Waulkmill. herein has a three-person tarptent, Nicolas a Hilleberg Akto, and me with my Mountain Laural Designs Trailstar.

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