Thursday, May 13, 2010


I caught the train without too much fuss though I entered the wrong car (how fo you tell which car to get on?). Although I'd met another Challenger we got separated and I saw no one else on the Chalkenge in my quiet coach. It us surprising how many people got off at this very western coastal village. Why are they all here? Most clearly aren't backpacking. Day trippers perhaps but that seems odd.

My hotel, West Highland Hotel, looks to be among the ritziest with a price to match. I know others are staying elsewhere. I've no idea where anyone is now. I'm alone and I feel the pressure of it. The hotel sits on a hill from which I can gaze out on the steel grey ocean and lighter grey sky. It is drizzling out. I suspect the temperature is in the upper 40s though the wet brisk wind makes it feel colder. Far cry from two years ago. I hope it doesn't degrade much from this.

I expect this to be my last dhort post. I'm really just killing time now. Trying to keep the jitters at bay. I'm nervous about route finding. I do wish I was part of a solid group. Sure I'll be hiking with others going my way but I'm still really just one passing in and out of contact with others. The fact that other zchalkengers are near yet so far should be proof enough of that.

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