Monday, May 17, 2010

Challenger Goes Boom

The Knoydart (sp) beat me up. Lock Arkaig road with it's hills chewed on the remains. I'm in the Stravaigers Hostel/campsite: £20 for a room and access to kitchen and shower (bring your own soap and rowell). How I got here is the "blowing up" of my route.

The terrain the first 2 days is wicked hard. Hard to find paths, really suggestionsvof paths, and lousy footing. Watch out for bogs that suck on feet and trekking poles. Had I nit been able to link up with others I really wonder if i'd have made it. Route finding in these conditions is just damned hard.

Brcausecof this although I know a walking route exists from Spean Bridhe to Garva Bridge I was just a bit scared to go it alone. Here comes the big boom, I caught a bus to Fort Augustus. I don't care about the boom. I'm here to have fun and meet people. I don't need excess danger especially when I'm feeling I'll as I currently am. Sure the first 30lm to Arkaig road are wicked but I shouldn't have felt so wiped out.


Me at Sourlies bothy. Took more than 9 hours to get there. Biggest pain was the descent to the ruins at Cornack (sp) and wandering that headlands looking for the bothy. Thanks to weekend peak bagged Stephen for a timely last assist.

here comes weather. . Past the second lochan on the way to Glen Dessarry (sp) with Rod and Mark who let me hike with them (slowing them way down I'm sure).

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