Monday, May 17, 2010

Challenger Goes Boom

The Knoydart (sp) beat me up. Lock Arkaig road with it's hills chewed on the remains. I'm in the Stravaigers Hostel/campsite: £20 for a room and access to kitchen and shower (bring your own soap and rowell). How I got here is the "blowing up" of my route.

The terrain the first 2 days is wicked hard. Hard to find paths, really suggestionsvof paths, and lousy footing. Watch out for bogs that suck on feet and trekking poles. Had I nit been able to link up with others I really wonder if i'd have made it. Route finding in these conditions is just damned hard.

Brcausecof this although I know a walking route exists from Spean Bridhe to Garva Bridge I was just a bit scared to go it alone. Here comes the big boom, I caught a bus to Fort Augustus. I don't care about the boom. I'm here to have fun and meet people. I don't need excess danger especially when I'm feeling I'll as I currently am. Sure the first 30lm to Arkaig road are wicked but I shouldn't have felt so wiped out.


Me at Sourlies bothy. Took more than 9 hours to get there. Biggest pain was the descent to the ruins at Cornack (sp) and wandering that headlands looking for the bothy. Thanks to weekend peak bagged Stephen for a timely last assist.

here comes weather. . Past the second lochan on the way to Glen Dessarry (sp) with Rod and Mark who let me hike with them (slowing them way down I'm sure).

** Ken **

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Anonymous said...

Stay strong, Ken. Growing up with these conditions, we love the self-sufficiency they demand. It's just a question of getting used to them. In the meantime, just think of what is being added to your outdoor skill set.

And anyway, marked paths can be hard on the feet.

I hope the rest of your crossing goes really well,