Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I got here 36 hours ago. Sadly, unlike the great travellers who write the 36 Hours In.... articles in the New York Times I've done nothing to further my knowledge of this place. I failed to really properly plan ahead. Sure yesterday I was tired from the flights and so needed a nap, but that rxcusevonly goes so far. Sure I went far affield to a Tiso Outdoor store nearly a mile from my hotel, knowing it was the wrong one, and found it closed forcing me to find to right one the next morning on Buchannon (Buchannan?) Street and wait until 10:00 for it to open. But still, I probably should have done more.

I found I was tired this afternoon too and I hope that doesn't mean I'm coming down with some Inited Kingdom bug. I'll do my beat to get a solid night of sleep and hope for the best. Tomorrow I just need to walk the quarter mile to Queen Street Station to catch my train to Mallaig (I picked up my ticket earlier today, a very easy thing to do).

The highlight of the day was linking up with Phil T (@philcturner). Though I've already forgotten the namevpf the chain bar located in a former bank (great open space with vaulted roof and skylight) that is fine. The chance to meet another Challenger is whY matters. In fact, meeting other TGzo Challenge walkers is, I feel, an important reason to be here. After all if your goal is just to tramp the Highlands you can do that any time. The Challenge offers you the chance to do that and share the experience with others who know what you're going through. That adds to the pleassure.

Weight Update
backpack with food , fuel, and 1 liter of water: 25.2 pounds
Maps and such shoulder bag: 2.6 pounds
Camera Bag: 1.66 pounds

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