Thursday, June 5, 2008

TGO Challenge 2008 - Getting There

It took longer to get here than it should have and I sincerely hope this is not an omen I should be paying attention too. Up until the bus went off the rails as it were things had been going swimmingly. Then the driver drove us past Dornie and if I hadn't been playing with the GPS and saw us moving away from the tho start point I don't know when I'd have figured it out. I got dropped off at a caravan campground (RV campground) about 4.5-5 miles away. The driver said a bus going the other way would be by soon and I should tell the driver what happened and he would ferry me back gratis. I saw buses, lots of traffic in general, going the direction I didn't want to go but no bus going the other way. I gave up after too long. I walked trying a little to hitch with no luck. At least the weather is near ideal and the scenery is nice with mountains not far from here, some peaks dotted with some snow, scattered forest, ample water in many forms, and what I'm sure are boggy fields.

I actually overshot the hotel even though I saw the sign when I asked I must've said the wrong thing and the fellow in the fruit and seafood barn sent me across the bridge. The lady at Sonas B&B set me right and even drove me back across the bridge.  So after an extra three hours I am finally at the Loch Duich Hotel The best and worst can be seen In this bit of adventure.

I'm feeling less sanguine about this all the time. Constant comments on how treacherous things are and my own wavering doubts about what I've written versus what is on the map versus what is on the digital map (e.g.,where is the yellow back road out of Dornie?) and I just don't feel good. It doesn't help that I woke up this morning, Friday, very early and can't do anything until I check out and their still are no signs of hotel staff life and it is almost 0800. I need to leave and see if I can do at least Day 1. God a partner would be invaluable now.

Dornie Castle as seen from the Hotel. I was up by 5:00AM and had nothing to do but dither and think about what could go right, and especially wrong. The events of the day before had not been a good start.
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