Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spittal Glennmuick, Part 1—Mar Lodge to Braemar

After an eventful rest day, it's less than 6 kilometers to Braemar (Bray-mar) from Mar Lodge, in Braemar where I spent too long at an evening ceili (kay-lee if you are trying to figure pronunciation - a party) acting more like a wallflower than a person. I had a so-so night of sleep to start out this new day. Maybe I should have stayed in bed.

To be fair to Braemar it is my own limitations that held me back at the party though I do think it is hard to have good conversations in a beer tent with a covers band playing loud music in the background. I had far more fun with Jules and Mark at the Old Country Bakery for dinner and just before. Jules and Mark get along quite well and listening to Jules tell some stories about RAF duty as well as some fascinating war history on how different cultures deal with their dead was quite a good way to spend time. It is also true that I only have myself to blame for eating too much. Having said all this I would still stop in this little town and try and play socialite again. I can see why some people take a complete rest day here since their are things to do besides eat, drink, and chat.


A view of the front of the main building at Mar Lodge. This was a great place to stay and I would visit it again even though you have to make your own food. That's hardly a big deal given the posh kitchen that you can use so it is conceivable you could treat yourself to something quite good. I know some Challengers actually mailed good food, including meat no less, to Mar Lodge for a fine meal. If that isn't enough then perhaps the good conversation around the roaring fire with fellow TGO Challenge hikers sipping nice drinks and eating chocolate in the Gun Room will push you over the edge. May 17, 2008. 09:14.

THis line of packs is sitting outside the Fife Arms Hotel which is a natural gathering spot for Challengers to eat, drink, and be merry. May 17, 2008. 13:31.

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