Friday, June 6, 2008

Fort Augustus—Part 2, Canban to Cougie

Where day one went very well with just a couple slip ups in navigation that didn't quite hold true on my second day where I lost the trail around Allt Garbh along the footpath (somewhere around NH184 212) to the main track that leads past a surprisingly warm lochan (NH 209 217). I lucked out when Tony, Peter, and George (last two names are English spelling of the Dutch names) heard my whistle blast and called me to the right trail that was certainly quite close to where I was. We had a great time at Cougie. Val is an excellent hostess spinning Scottish country attitude with good stories with an able assist by her daughter, one of 8 (I think) children, Tina. We had a great time first around an outdoor patio eating soup and scones with beer and tea, followed by a short rest and then a fine dinner all laced with fine conversation.


Canban Bothy isn't much too look at from the outside. It's not much too ook at from the inside either. Bothies, mountain shelters that were built ages ago mostly by shepherds are now maintained by the Mountain Bothy Association which is a volunteer based organization. They run the gamut from somewhat dingy to pretty posh for a backcountry shelter. Canban is closer to the less positive end of that spectrum. May 10, 2008. 05:46.

None of us can find a name for this small lake that is just a few kilometers away from Cougie. But that doesn't matter. It remains a great place to take a load off and relax. I am sure it would makea good swimming hole. May 10, 2008. 14:23.

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