Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fort Augustus—Part 3, Cougie to Fort Augustus

Fort Augustus—Part 3, Cougie to Fort Augustus
The walk from Cougie to Fort Augustus is about 30 kilometers the way I did it. In fact since I goofed at Torgyle Bridge it became longer than that. I left with Tony, Peter, and George and we walked to Plodda Falls and then to my turn off point (they kept going on towards Drum)  it was overcast and spitting but not cold. The worst was that it was musty and you couldn't see much. While I walked the public path to the power-line track it didn't matter since I was in forest but once I began to ascend the rocky 4x4 track the mist took the world away. I'm sure the views would have been great had they been available. I'm just as sure I took the right route - the safe route.

All in all I was doing OK but when I blew it I really blew it. It isn't worth going into details here. I got it sorted out with the help of a passing motorist and In so doing he learned that he had missed his turn off to Fort William. Staying  at the Caldonian Hotel is definitely a decent way to make one feel better. Tomorrow I'll go to somewhere between Melgarve bothy and Garva Bridge.


This would turn out to be the most colorful stretch of hiking I would do all day. Sure, it would brighten again when I began to descend Inchnacardoch FOrest but that is hours away.

May 11, 2008. 11:27.

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