Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fort Augustus—Part 1, Dornie to Canban

I've not written until now and even tonight I'm rather tired so doubt I'll say much. It has been a tough three days. On day 1 the hiking wasn't bad. I had little trouble finding my way. A small slip up here and there but nothing to remarkable. The weather, especially for Scotland, struck me as very warm easily mid 70s and sunny. While the sun would eventually give way to clouds the temperature never really seemed to cool that much. Granted when walking along a tarmac road, as I was in the beginning between Dornie and Morvick, that's understandable. The back-road out of Dornie is really rather pretty. I saw no traffic and the views of the loch below were wonderful. I had a stretch on the main traffic artery which was so-so but at least it was short and then I entered forest-style roads and tracks. These took me through long valleys with lambs all around, plenty of flowing water, and a few local folks out for a stroll. Easy walking and a nice introduction to the lowlands of the Scottish Highlands. At Glenlicht House I had a small bit of confusion about where the cross the river but that was as rough as the navigation got. The waterfalls I would see later on, though not the wondrous Glomach (sp) Falls I'd heard about were nice enough as they poured off the empty mesa down into the river valley below. I was climbing up to that point to go through the mountains towards Canban bothy and feeling reasonably good though a bit tired. Although my "official" end point for the day should have been at Alltbeithe Hostel I decided the bothy was good enough.


Standing at the turn off to my small road. My waiitng is, at long last, over. I'm really starting and I'm nervous. May 9, 2008. 09:05.

I bet more sheep and lambs live around here than people! I quite some time walking through farms nestled in a valley like this. May 9, 2008. 13:51.

While this may not be the largest waterfall in Scotland it would turn out to be the grandest I'd see the entire trip. May 9, 2008. 16:07.

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