Sunday, August 2, 2009

Riverfolk Music Festival - Main Event

During the first weekend of August for the past several years Manchester, Michigan has opened up Carr Park for the Riverfolk Music and Arts Festival. Organized by Mark and Carol Palms this festival has become a local favorite for people who enjoy all sorts of roots-based music. At any given moment you might get to listen to bluegrass, cajun, folk, celtic, or something completely unexpected. The bulk of the festival takes place on Saturday with performances at a main stage plus additional events that take place devoted to children, workshops for dance, and much more. Their is something for everyone. In the past I have volunteered at the festival but this year I came as a patron to both the Friday night party and the main festival day.

Although I was only able to catch the evening set (and had to miss the grand finale) I completely enjoyed myself and believe the audience around me did as well.

Riverfolk Music Festival, 2009—Main Event

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