Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aquapac 104 Mini Review

I purchased an Awuapac not long ago and quickly discovered how stIcky that generation was. I commented on thus and Aquapac wrote back saying they'de like to send me a newly available version which uses a new plastic that is leaps and bounds less sticky. That is very good customer service. I have no problem lauding such actions.

 The new model #104 came and it is vastly less sticky then the previous incarnation. The phone doesn't slide in smooth as silk but it is certainly no struggle to get my iPhone 3GS into the sack. It is also considerably easier to remove the phone from the bag.

 While I bought the Aquapac for it's waterproofness I must note that I am not writing this commentary with that in mind. The bag passed the bubble test and that is as far as I've tested it so far. The other key feature of Aquapacs is the clear plastic they use. It is supposed to be very optically clear and especially with a phone like this I believe that is an important feature. You be the judge of these couple videos and photos.
  Photo 1 is shot through the Awuapac and photo 2 is shot sans sack. Keep in mind I was sitting on the bow of a moving sailboat.

 The video is shot through the Aquapac.

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