Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 2: an Eventful Day Bearpaw to Big Arroyo Junction

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With that recording an eventful day would ginally end. We would get our shelters set up and Adam and Natt would feed us Mac n Cheese as we regailed them with the story of what forced us to go "hard core." but those events were late in the day and it is best to start with the morning at first light.
We all wot fairly well. Andy and Konrad were unlucky enough to have to move their Tarptent Squall to a flatter spit do they would slide all over the slick silnylon floor but that was only a minor annoyance. We put our feet on the trail around 7:00AM. Our goal was about 11 miles away and we would have considerable climbing, notably From Hamilton Lake to Precipice Lake and the Kevawah (sp) Gap, to do. Far more elevation change than yesterday even though that day was lenghthened to mealy 13 miles.
Leaving Bearpaw we woukd pass above the Bearpaw High Sierra Camp, oh the smell of cooking meat for the hikers staying there, winding out way along the mountain side heading towsrds our first bug site and corresponding climb/descent onto a gorge. Phew. But what a raging river to see (Lone Pine Creek). Pausing at a stream and rock outcrop we could gaze back and easily pick out Bearpaw which was quite close as the crow flues but had required mire than two miles of steady walking (photo 1).

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