Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Kayaking

There is something special about spending tine on the water. Even a short couple hours on a busy, though blessedly low powered, boat filled cove can be a real treat. My parents and I rented two recreational kayaks, a tandem for them and a solo for me, to paddle around Wickford Cove. Sure this is hardly wilderness paddling but you still get a chance to see your world a little differently. If you are lucky you even catch a glimpse of a Snowy Egret. Life slows down on the water in a kayak. You move to the rhytm of the water. If you are lucky you make a day of your trip and maybe take time to stroll the lands of Cornellious Island (I had to forego that this time). Some mught argue that a paddle is dull compared to a hike. After all on a gentle paddle things do not change much as far as the act of paddling goes. On a hike terrain underfoot can change quickly. But don't dissmiss paddling on this account. Shoreline is varied and you do see things from a wholly different vantage point. That difference makes all the difference.

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