Friday, July 3, 2009

Baseball and Community

We had a lively time at the Pawsox game. There is something about the shared experience of a live event that makes it all the more fun. This is hardly an unknown happening. It happens all the time but I do think baseball games mix a relaxed and yet exciting air better than most anything else. It helps when the game is a good one but even if your team has fallen on hard times the joy of going to the game remains.
No homeruns came our way this night but we all had fun. It matters little if you actually care about the game. My brother's 9 year old son certainly does not but if you ask if he had a good time he will say, "yes."

A panorama shot and stitched with my phone. The weather was near ideal which given the rainy weather of the last month and especially last two days was remarkable.

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