Friday, July 10, 2009

Rolling Sculpture, 2009

I don't know how long this car show has run here in Ann Arbor but certainly it has been several years. It is worth noting that I don't really know anything about cars. Sure I know in broad terms how it car works but I don't have an intimate knowledge of cars. I certainly don't have experiential knowledge beyond being a passenger in automobiles. I'll never know the deep love drivers have for their cars and I think it must be that knowledge that drives the deep love so many people have for their cars. I can't tell you if every car in the show is a design paragon or represents a major shift in thinking about car as they have evolved over the past century. But perhaps it does not matter. Perhaps what matters more is that these are cars that their owners clearly love and care for with great respect. Perhaps what really matters here is that the cars present show the breadth of history not only of car design but opinions in the culture about what is beautiful and what is worth focusing attention on. Join me for a quick stroll through Rolling Sculpture, 2009.

Rolling Sculpture, 2009


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