Tuesday, October 28, 2008

North Manitou Island, August 2008, Conclusion

Episode 7 of the Wandering Knight Podcast (direct link) is now online. While I took a lot more photos and shot a great deal of video (which you'll get to see in due time, I'm still catching up on video from The Great Outdoor Challenge hike of last May) I wanted to share at least a handful of photos from our first day on the island.


Morning dew still sits on these flowers that abound around our campsite not far from Swenson’ Barn. August 16, 2008 08:20.

I enjoy walking through changing scenery. The island is full of open spaces like this one. This though is the only one I saw with a swath of these purple flowers. Anyone know what they are? August 16, 2008. 12:08.

Part way up the steep ascent of the second, I think, major climb to get to the top of the sandy hills around Old Mont Baldy. This is a bushwhack plain and simple, tough going but worth the effort. August 16, 2008. 15:21.

After passing a cloudy night with just a hint of rain at our final campsite we would be treated to one last day of great sunny weather. August 17, 2008. 07:00.

Bushwhack Map
During the afternoon of our second day Andy, Doug, Matt, and I would venture forth on a bushwhack hike that would take us up to Old Mount Baldy, down to the southwestern shoreline, around teh beach, from the forests, onto Dimmick Point, and eventually to our campsite. The total trek was only a few miles but they were invigorating miles and we had a superb island experience visiting portions of the island that I feel certain most people do not bother with. You can get a bit of a sense of what we did by looking at the map below.
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