Monday, October 20, 2008

North Manitou Island, August 2008, Part 1

Episode 6 of the Wandering Knight Podcast (direct link) is now online. While I took a lot more photos and shot a great deal of video (which you'll get to see in due time, I'm still catching up on video from The Great Outdoor Challenge hike of last May) I wanted to share at least a handful of photos from our first day on the island.


Some remains of rusting out hulks of cars that were probably brought to the island back in the logging days over half a acentury ago.

Jerrilyn framed by Lake Michigan at the overlook at the end of the unmaintained trail that we followed through the “Pot Holes.”

The beach at the cliff just below the overlook. The hike along this stretch of beach would be splendid.

Moonrise. With the moon rising and the sun only just setting well after 10:00PM at night we had ourselves a very full day.
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