Friday, December 5, 2008

The Gathering, November 2008 - Part 2

Episode 11 of Wandering Knight Podcast ((direct link, The Gathering, Part 2) is now online. You may also find Episode 10, part 1 of the two-part series, of interest.

I did not take any photos Saturday and only a few on Sunday. However, fortunately for us I was not the only one with a camera. Debi Pilkington took several photos on Saturday both of the short hike group and inside the Schoolhouse. I hope you enjoy what you find.

Photo by Debi Pilkington, 12:04.

Photo by Debi Pilkington, 12:06.

Photo by Debi Pilkington, 14:13.

Photo by Debi Pilkington, 16:23.

On Sunday our small group did an approximately 6 mile long hike that covered the North Country Tail and the Coolbaugh Natural Area. During much of that hike I kept a GPS log of where we went. The map below gives you some idea of where we hiked.

Photo by Ken Knight, 12:49.

Photo by Ken Knight, 13:12.

Photo by Ken Knight, 13:58.

A map showing, pretty accurately, the hike we did on Sunday along the NCT and within Coolbaugh Natural Area.

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