Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adelboden, Switzerland Day Hike 2

Heading to the River
Today we would hike along what i believe is the Engstligen river towards Engstligenalp and a very tall, perhaps second tallest in Switzerland, waterfall. To reach this river we would cross the river tributary we walked along yesterday first.

Adelboden Day Hike 2 at EveryTrail

Both the shorter and longer hikes were to be in the same area but due to the heavy snow conditions the planned route for the longer hike could not be done. What ended up being described to us just did not really excite us so we decided to do the shorter hike (not that much shorter in truth but a lot less eelvation change). Our hike would end up around 7.5 miles long and have about 1,500 feet of ascent and 1,350 feet of descent (not quite an out-and-back).We spend the bulk of the hike walking alongside a roaring river. A small bit would lead us up to the base of the Engstligenalp waterfall which is, I think, the second tallest in Switzerland. A portion of the hike would be on roads that would get us to the river in the first place. The weather was once again overcast and cool. The hike would be about 7.5 miles long and have about 1,600 feet of ascent and 1,350 feet of descent. It was not a strict out-and-back hike as we started the return journey from the gondola terminus and walked a road until we reached the river and re-joined our original route out.

Engstligenalp waterfall
Nearing the Engstligenalp waterfall. As you can see the hiking today is on gentle paths. The worst part, if you are made nervous by exposure, is a short bit just off the road above a very steep hill the plunges down to the river.

By far the best part of the walk is the stretch along the river. It is a path with fine footing and only one part that could bother people. Just after we left the road we had to walk along the top of a steep hill for a couple of minutes. The hill is very steep and if you were to slip and fall on it you would probably not be able to stop until you hit the bottom and the river. I doubt it would be fatal but a fall would hurt. We had a person in the group who found hieghts unsettling and had some trouble with that section but with a bit of help made it across. The single biggest key feature of the hike has to be walking close to Engstligenalp waterfall.

Engstligenalp bowl
After riding the gondola to the top of the Engstligenalp and having a hearty lunch at the restaurant there we wandered about the snow-covered bowl a bit.

We took the gondola to the top of Engstligenalp where we found the bowl fairly well covered in snow. The restaurant up there is quite nice. We all had plenty of hearty food. My barley (I think) soup and sausage was just right even if a tad pricy (par for the course in Switzerland).

Ice hotel
I'm calling this an ice hotel but I rather doubt anyone sleeps in it even when it is not melting.
cows aplenty
Cows like this one are all over the place. They are to massive per se but certainly big enough. Personally I think they become much more adorable when they jingle their bells.

This is an easy walk that anyone could do and quite pleasant when along the riverside path. sure the road walk from the hotel to the river is a bit of a chore but at least the roads are not too busy.

The complete photo album which contains 45 photos chronicling the day hikes around Adelboden, Switzerland (no videos) can be found in two places. The real difference is in how they're presented. Pick as you prefer: the Flickr Album or the Google Album.


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