Friday, July 12, 2013

Adelboden, Switzerland Choleren Gorge

Inside Choleren Gorge
In the Choleren Gorege is impressive. It is impressive because of the torrents of water rushing by, the overhanging massive cliffs, and the metal walkway that has been built to permit passage.

Our free day was going to be a quiet one. Like many, though certainly not all, we decided to visit Choleren Gorge which HF leader Geoff had been praising for some time. The gorge is a bit more than 2 miles northeast of the town and it is an easy walk assuming you follow directions carefully. That is where the rub is; we goofed up a bit. We wondered through town for a while hewanderingkenknight@gmail.comading in the direction we thought we should go. We got some help from a local and had we properly followed his directions I think we would have found our way right to the gorge proper. We didn't quite manage that and instead found ourselves somewhere else but on a bus route that would take us where we wanted to go. We just had to catch a bus (walking the road was not an option as it was a fast road with no shoulder).

While we didn't do as well finding our way to the gorge once we got to the bottom of the gorge we found it to be a very fine place. You cross the river and then walk along a trail with some fine cliffs that clearly see rock climbing done. Then we got to the gorge and the metal grated walkways that climb through it. The water pours through the chasm to our left and the cliff walls close in and block off the sun. It is a remarkable place and would be inaccesible if not for the walkways and spiral staircase. I am sure I could have spent more time in there trying to get good pictures but you do feel a bit compelled to move on as the walkway is one-way and not that wide.

After our exploration of the gorge we walked down past the wood carver who has a wide assortment of wood scupltures and such for sale. Nothing caught my eye. The next building is a rather rustic cafe. You can get drinks and maybe some food there. I think they had chickens in back. The WC was more in the nature of a outdoor privvy than a fully plumbed bathroom. Hence, a very rustic cafe. After chatting with a couple ladies (Mother and daughter I think) who were traveling about Switzerland for fun and because the daughter is very involved, as an intern/volunteer (I think) with GIrl Guides (i.e., GIrl Scouts) we began the walk home. This is how we figured out what we did wrong and that if you are at all inclined to want a ride one way that ride should be the return as it is uphill all the way and mostly on roads. The roads aren't that busy but they do not have shoulders so when traffic does zip by you feel a bit crowded. At least the views of the farmsteads, cows, and valley below with the mountains in the distance are nice.


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