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TGO Challenge Day 7: May 20, 2010 - Kingussie

Photos: The motto on the gate and the clan memorial in the woods near Mains of Glen Truim.

This was a slow day to get going. I was up early enough and eating breakfast in the hotel around 08:20 but I had a visit in Laggan to make to get something checked out and that slowed things down. The visit with the local GP went as I expected and I confirmed what I pretty much already believed about what was bugging me. But it was good to have confirmation by the doc. I must say I was quite pleased with the quality of service rendered. I just went into the clinic during the office hour (I was run down there by the hotel manageress) and quickly seen. The check-up was efficient and felt thorough. THe doc gave me good information and I left feeling comforted that while this annoying problem is a problem it isn't serious, just annoying. Enough said on that score. Upshot: I wasn't really walking towards Kingussie until a little past 10:00 under overcast skies.

Photo: Looking out tom the memorial, southernly I believe, it is not the most pleasant of mornings but it could be worse. It is just that in 2008 it was sunny.

Photo: Lunchtime for some. The most active animal shot I got the whole trip. This was shot from the bike path between Newtonmore and Kingussie.

Photo: Chris Wright managed to capture this bird in the farm field. Anyone know what irpt is?

My plan was to hike through Glen Truim along the minor roads past Mains of GLen t and then take the nice dirt paths via Phones towards Ruthven Barracks and into Kingussie. The same route I had done back in 2008 and a route I personally think, especially the latter portion, is quite pretty. The minor roads aren't bad and as long as you make the turn at the right place you will have no trouble finding your way through to the highway by the RV (caravan) campground and then onto the dirt paths that lead you past Phones and beyond. This time I didn't have the benefit of a history lesson from Vicky at the memorial site for a locall clan, can't think their name, but that was OK. I continued on my way through the small woods, most I'd really seen up to this point, and then poof I was at the highway. I found Chris and Ian there and I decided to change my plans and hike with them along the old road via Newtonmore and then into Kingussie. It is perhaps a couple kilometers shorter but a less interesting and certainly less pretty walk. However, the lack of scenery is made up for by the enjoyable conversation we shared as we plodded along the shoulder of the road and later along a bike path. I never did see the colvert I used two years ago to cross the highway. I learned later from Vicky , she had seen us heading off toads Newtonmore, that it was smaller than I remembered (she had gone via Phones). The three of us stopped in Newtonmore for a drink at a pub, how can they not serve food throughout the afternoon, and wiled way a good hour in the strip town. We did not see any reason to rush. A couple hours later, call it late afternoon, we were strolling into the heart of Kingussie and wondering where other Challengers were at. Kingussie seems like a busy town which is a blessing and curse. You know other Challengers are about but you've no idea where they are. It is easy to feel isolated amongst all the people. I know I felt a touch of that. In 2008 their seemed to be hordes of us present at the bar at the Tipsy Laird but this time I saw just a smattering (three, to be precise). Surely other Challengers were about but I've no notion where. I'm just as glad that I arrived a bit after 17:00 and lingered over my shower and settling down in my B&B (the Allt Gynack Guest House) rather than having had a long afternoon with little to do but laundry.

Location: Kingussie

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