Sunday, June 6, 2010

TGO Challenge Day 4: May 17, 2010 - Fort Augustus

Not much to say about this day. The bus ride was simple enough and then I spent staggeringly stupid amounts of time trying to find a place to stay. I am so pathetically slow in getting around towns. By the time I settled on Stravaigers hostel and campground I had consumed hours, yes hours, of time. Sure I had a modest bite to eat during that time and even managed to chat with a couple Challengers along the way (including Philip from America and the website who is booming right along) but I really did fail to take in the sights of this little town on Loch Ness. Had I to do it over again I'd get my crap together and find my way to the Blackburn bothy (at least) to at least have a sense of achievement. Instead I loafed about all day and in the evening chatted with Challengers Paddy , Jill, and Mase (first timers) at the hostel while eating Paddy's vegetarian pasta (yum). I know there most have been many other Challengers around but I never saw them.

Location: Stravaigers hostel and campground, Fort Augustus

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