Sunday, June 6, 2010

TGO Challenge Day 4: May 17, 2010 - Fort Augustus

Not much to say about this day. The bus ride was simple enough and then I spent staggeringly stupid amounts of time trying to find a place to stay. I am so pathetically slow in getting around towns. By the time I settled on Stravaigers hostel and campground I had consumed hours, yes hours, of time. Sure I had a modest bite to eat during that time and even managed to chat with a couple Challengers along the way (including Philip from America and the website who is booming right along) but I really did fail to take in the sights of this little town on Loch Ness. Had I to do it over again I'd get my crap together and find my way to the Blackburn bothy (at least) to at least have a sense of achievement. Instead I loafed about all day and in the evening chatted with Challengers Paddy , Jill, and Mase (first timers) at the hostel while eating Paddy's vegetarian pasta (yum). I know there most have been many other Challengers around but I never saw them.

Location: Stravaigers hostel and campground, Fort Augustus

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Philip Werner said...

Ken - Roger announced your arrival at the Thursday dinner and we were all happy to hear that you'd made it. Great meeting you in Fort Augustus, however briefly.

ukmase said...

Hi Ken,

Mase here...i am liking your blog reports and look forward to reading the rest of the trip.

It was nice meeting you on the trail, i hope our accents did not confuse you too much.

If you fancy a chat about outdoor you can find all 4 of us on this web forum.

Take it easy Ken, hope to see you on the challenge in the future.