Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stormy weather,,,maybe,,,

I'm sitting ok the 7th floor of the Holiday Inn Lido Beach hotel in the Sand Dollar restaurant hoping it starts to rain hard. After all if the rains fail to come I'll miss a baseball game because I wimped out on advice of locals. I think this is one of those times when if I had a car ( which assumed I could drive it) that I would ve more apr to take the chance. But investing the time and money in a taxi or public transit is making me leery. As I write this the game is now just starting and it looks a bit worse, but only just a bit.

I wonder where everyone else is. Not on the windy almost chilly beach where the day rental chair with their blue awnings, long since furled, sit. Not here in the resturaunt where I sit alone. Maybe they're exploring the outlet mall or taking in a movie on downtown Sarasota or are hurridly and nervously walking St. rmands Circle. I do not know. I do know it still isn't raining and I'm not at a spring training game...oh well...maybe the rain storm will come later and keep the 20-25 MPH winds company.

Blog enrry and photo done on my iPhone... Its raining!

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