Friday, March 28, 2008

The power of a place

We spent one more day in the Sedona area and visited two remarkable and quite different area. Starting out at Oak Creek (West Fork) we would hike into the canyon of high rock walls and rich forests. Completely different from what we had seen before. And to add to all that was the fast flowing stream that crossed the trail several times. It was a lovely scene. The hiking was easy going except for the stream crossings. We first crossed the swift cold stream over a log and rock bridge that required careful footing to avoid slipping. We passed through tall trees past patches of snow. Then we got to the second crossing and found a log and rock bridge that was more imposing. We decided to judy wade the stream instead. Very cold. But we did it and kept going. The trail dipped into shadow and the snow and ice increased. At the third steam crossing we decided we he had enough. Back across the stream to the trailhead. We did enjoy this popular hike and in hotter weather we feel sure this would be an excellent hike.

We wanted more since the hike we pretty short. We settled on the Devils Bridge. When we began driving down the dusty jeep road we soon decided that it wasn't worth driving down the road. We began walking the road hoping no one would drive by too fast and shower us in dust. Fortunately small cars and even the several pink jeeps that went by were moving fairly slowly. When we reached the trail we began the climb up into the hills. When we arrived at the popular natural bridge we were not didsapointed with what we found and everyone else we found there were quite happy too.

  ** Ken **

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