Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fireworks in Bonassola, Italy

fireworks in Bonassola

We arrived with a bit of a surprise waiting for us here in Bonassola, Italy. We had a good day in Pisa which I will write about later. However, it was a long day and we did not reach our hotel, Hotel delle Rose, until about 20:00.  But after dinner and settling down we were startled, even though we knew it was coming, by the fireworks display that started around 22:45.  The video  only gives you a measly sense of the quality of the display. This is especially true of the audio which comes off weak. As I sat on the fourth floor terrace the huge rolling booms,  more than thunder, rolled over us and echoed off the mountains that rise a few hundred meters from the sea.  Toss in the cuff chuff sound as fireworks launched from the mortars on the beach. The show is part of a festival that commemorates a battle that was thought in 1571. I think it is also a religious festival.


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