Friday, December 30, 2016

New Zealand: Ship Cove to Resolution Bay on Queen Charlotte's Track

 Standing on ground trod no doubt by Maori long before Captain Cook landed in 1770. 

In January 1770 Captain James Cook landed his ship The Endeavor at what is now known as Ship Cove in Queen Charlotte Sound, South Island, New Zealand. While he and his crew spent over s year there we would use it as our starting point of a 9-mile-long hike on the Queen Charlotte Track. Forest, birds and bays dominate this enjoyable hike. The boat ride to and from Picton is enjoyable too. Ending the hike with a nice drink, though pricy, at Furneaux Lodge is a bonus. 

 Resolution Bay. Somewhat over a mile into the hike. It starts moderately steep gaining easily 700 in a mile. But it gets easier and the occasional climbs away from the Bay are all much shorter after the first one. 

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