Sunday, August 14, 2016

Iceland's Blue Lagoon


Just outside the main building that will lead us to the heart of the Blue Lagoon. This is a cold water pool. Given the weather conditions it's no wonder the pool is devoid of people. 

Today we sallied forth to what is perhaps Iceland's best known location: The Blue Lagoon (Blaa Lonio - I am leaving the diacritical marks off). You can learn a considerable amount about these geothermal pools yourself. I'll just note here that the pools span something like 5,000 square meters and about 6,000,000 liters of water enters the pools from the deep hot springs every 40 hours renewing the pools with fresh silica rich water. It is certainly a tourist spot, a tourist trap perhaps, but that doesn't detract from their quality.

It is overcast and spitting rain. The wind is blowing strongly enough that you can easily feel it pushing you along just a bit when it is at your back. When we stepped out of the changing rooms , damp from cleansing showers, the light rain and wind combined with an ambient temperature that likely wasn't above 55F struck with a vengeance. We couldn't get into the pools fast enough. What warmth. We moved through the milky light blue water passing through slightly cooler and warmer spots. At the hottest I believe the waters touch 100F and the cooler places are noticeably cooler but far from cold. Of course, your exposed back and head are being pelted by wind and rain  that is quite a contrasting feeling. Getting out would be tough. Along with hundreds of others we enjoyed ourselves under the heavy gray skies. I actually think the unpleasant weather made the experience more exciting and memorable.

If you  visit the Blue Lagoon  you may want to give extra consideration to renting a towel from them. We lost 3 towels. They will also rent you a bathing suit but be warned they don't have a wide range of sizes (small, medium and large) and they run small. However, they provide plastic bags for you to put your own wet bathing suit inside so carrying your own suit along and then back home is not a problem.


Clare, Robert, Ken, Judy and Jonathan visit Iceland's Blue Lagoon. It is a remarkable place.
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