Monday, August 12, 2013

North Country Trail Maintenance

Check out this episode!

Highbanks Lake campground. This is a fine campground and it was nearly full when we arrived in early afternoon. I have never seen so many boats on the lake. Seeing even one is unusual; three is a first. The fellows in the rowboat seemed to have no trouble catching some big fish (brown trout I think).

Andy got this fire going with some birch bark and his Light My Fire fire steel. John, shown here, chopped up the branches Andy and I brought in. It was a great fire.

The coals were still hot when we woke around 8:00AM. It was easy to re-kindle the fire which felt nice as its heat beat the damp cool air back.

The water at Flowing Wells at historic Alleyton is cold, have a touch of sulfur, are iron rich and reportedly potable. The water definitely soothes the savage itch from scores of mosquito bites. I think we can trust Andy on this as he was covered in bites; par for the course for him.

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