Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Water Hill Music Festical 2013

On May 5 the third annual Water Hill Music Festival took place. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon strolling around the hilly neighborhood soaking up plenty of fine music. When you get 100 musical acts together throughout several blocks of area to perform throughout a warm lazy afternoon you can only catch a smattering of music. But even that little bit is enough when you hear the joy and lessure people bring to wht they are doing. Performers ran the spectrum from amateur to professional and all were having fun. Events like this bring out the best in most people as musicians play, families gatehr, people catch up with old friends, and a sense of community is enhanced. I hope you enjoy this audio postcard from the event and I apologize for the little hiccoughs that appear now and then.

This was a bit of an experiement as the podcast was pretty much completely assembled and edited on an iPhone.

Check out this episode!

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