Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pictured Rocks Lakeshore Trail Day 3 - May 27, 2012

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We ended the day sitting on the rocky beach at Mosquito Beach watching a very nice sunset. A few high fluffy clouds added quality to the sunset - after all clouds make a sunset a bit better. Given how dreary the day started out having the sunset under crisp clear skies was a treat. When we finally began dragging ourselves out of bed this morning things were different.

During the night it rained a bit, nothing heavy, but enough to dampen our shelters. Once in a while the wind seemed to shift just right and some of us caught whiffs of smoke which we assume is from the forest fire by Seeney. A nocturnal vistior, could have been a bear or a raccoon or something completely inocuous kept others up for a couple of hours too. In short a lively night.

We began pulling ourselves together somehwat later than the day before. I think the grey damp weather probably had something to do with that. But we got on to the trail just before 09:00. The hike at first is not terribly interesting even with the scattered views of Big Beaver Lake. We stopped at one of these for a bite to eat and were able to watch a boat putter on by below - probably someone out fishing.

Until we neared Chapel Beach the sun really did not banish the clouds. At The Coves, wonderful sandstgone coves, we hung out for a bit enjoying the scenery. We strolled along the high cliffs getting closer to Spray Falls which this time I did not see. I walked right by the best viewing spot for the falls which is a shame. I understand they were spurting pretty well. I suppose I could have backtracked after passing the so seemingly small stream that creates the brilliant spray of Spray Falls.

Photo: We came upon Grand Portal Point with the dun high in the sky ruining colors. I don't recall that massive boulder blocking the arch last year.

Photo: a tour boat out of Munising I think. Now and then they rumble by with their public address systems barring unintelligibly. You go to views the shoreline from the water and I am sure it is stunning.

By the time we arrived at Chapel Beach, early afternoon now around 14:00, the sun had long since burned the clouds off and the day had warmed to about 76. It was hot by our standards. We were not in a hurry to leave and so hung out on a bluff overlooking the seemingly rockus beach activity of what I suppose were mostly day hikers . Now and then a tour boat rumbled on by but none of this really bothered us. It was a great place to take a siesta and ours lasted the better part of two hours.

Photo: we had a great gime watching the sunset on the sandstone point at Mosquito Beach.

One thing about this poriton of the hike is it is full of views of Lake Superior. In the morning she was grey and a bit agitated but by the time we were strutting down the trail edging along the clifftops west of Chapel Beach she was a wonderful turquoise shading to rich blue farther out. Spectacular. We walked into Mosquito Beach campground a bit before 19:00 and got ourselves set up. To avoid the bugs and be closer to the sunset we elected to have dinner near the beach. What a great choice that was. The bugs danced on our legs but that was a small price to pay. It has been a very good day.
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