Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seville, Spain

A much larger city than Granada with a wholly different feel. The Cathedral is not to be missed for its impressive size. The Alcazar feels more opulent than the Alhambra though that is likely an illusion because it is more compact and meant to be a royal palace rather than a fortress. The El Salvadore church though smaller than the cathedral is ornate. Many other things are different here than Granada. The narrow streets, barely one car wide, sport sidewalks that are just wide enough to stand. Squeeze into a doorway as a vehicle goes by or you might get clipped by a side mirror. We are hearing and seeing more birds here but far fewer dogs and cats. Photos:
My Father is standing in the Patio of Oranges outside the cathedral. It is sad to see all that fruit and understand it is sour and not fit to be eaten (sprayed to keep birds away). The Cathedral's Giralda tower rising 97 meters as seen from the entrance just outside Alcazar

One of the pools in the Alcazar. Water features play a big role in the architecture of Muslim-inspired design. Too bad many fountains were not active. The Mercury pool with several pairs of ducks. We also saw a couple wonderfully blue and green peacocks.

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