Saturday, October 23, 2010

#19: Fall Fun Day, 2010

Generally the first weekend of every October you can expect a nip in the air and the leaves of trees to be turning. Autumn is just getting started and the burst of colors before the quiet stark beauty of winter is just beginning to appear in the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is a fine time to be outdoors and a great reason to spend time with friends. With that in mind the Western Michigan chapter of the North Country Trail Association holds an annual event they call Fall Fun Day. A day is spent doing some gentle hikes in the area of White Cloud, Michigan based out of the Birch Grove Schoolhouse. After the hiking is done those that are up for it spend a few more happy hours enjoying fantastic food that has been prepared by diligent volunteers of the chapter.

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TeacherPatti said...

Jesus Christ Ken, how did I not realize you had a blog until now?? Added it to my RSS feed and I am a rabid commenter (which is how many people know of TeacherPatti) :)

Don't forget to save some fun stuff for after June 16th, when some of us will be done w/ work for 10 weeks :)