Monday, February 22, 2010

Selema to Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal

This is our first walk and it would sport a nice variety of experienced to give us a feel for the Algarve coast of Portugal. Our group would consist of five HF guests plus the HF leader. To add a bit of spice to our lives Dad and I were forced to hike in city shoes. All the Knights were reduced to city attire for the walk (we had our Ibex Icefall jackets and rain jackets). This sad state of affairs was caused by the fact that our luggage hadn't quite made it all the way with us. We had to make do. City shoes are not what you want to wear on dirt paths that have recently been doused with rain.

The walk would run along the coast covering a but more than 8 miles rising to clifftop headlands and plunging down to the sea accumulating 854 feet of ascent and a similar amount of descent. The weather was going to be changeable. We had experienced a squall while at the grocery store earlier in the morning and the potential was there for more rain later.

The walking would be on dirt paths the followed the coastline. A small bit was on small village roads at the start and near the end. Footing ws easy though a bit slick at times due to the mud. Wearing good walking shoes is more than enough. I did not miss my trekking poles even on a couple of the 100-foot hills we had to cross.

If you are lucky enough to pass the cafe that is between the Roman fort and Burgau (sp) stop in for a coffee. The service was good, the restrooms nice, and the view from the rocky beach of the ocean nice. Stopping at what is left of the Roman fort is nice too. It also served us well as a rain shelter. Though I'd not want to garrison there. Perhaps the dining area has vanished but I surely saw no sign of a vent hole for a fire. It'd be smokey in that space.

The ocean was in fine form with waves booming against the shore all day. The colors from frothy emwhute to turquoise and finally deep blue are always a pleassure to see. Sure being able to gaze on the exposed cliffs from time to time is nice but it is the Atlantic that keeps your attention.

This was an excellent first walk and I'd recommend it.

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