Friday, December 4, 2009


sweatwater Trail to Wasson Peak one way is about 4.6 miles. data gaps exist because I left GPS off. Also the minimum elevation is complely nuts. A more realistic numbervis about 2,500 feet. Footing is generally good even considering the loose rocks on the trail between the big wash and main intersection.


Name:SweatwaterTrail to Wasson Peak
Date:Dec 3, 2009 9:34 am
Distance:4.46 miles
Elapsed Time:3:05:56
Avg Speed:1.4 mph
Max Speed:3.8 mph
Avg Pace:41' 43" per mile
Min Altitude:0 ft
Max Altitude:4,556 ft
Start Time:2009-12-03T16:34:10Z
Start Location:
Latitude:32.288686º N
Longitude:111.120680º W
End Time:2009-12-03T19:40:07Z
End Location:
Latitude:32.273439º N
Longitude:111.146720º W

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