Friday, March 26, 2021

Brennerle Hobo Stove in the Rain

Photo taken Mar 25, 2021 at 10:38 PM

The Brennerle Hobo Stove is burning a loosely pack Swedish fire torch style of fire in the rain.

Brennerle Hobo Stove in the Rain

The blush has not worn off the newness of this wood burning stove. I decided to see how, without trying very hard, it would be to get it lit and burning well in the rain. I had a couple split rounds of wood and a bunch of small logs that I could create a loose Swedish fire torch. Normally you create such a torch with a pretty tight packing of the wood leaving a small open cylinder in the midle for the kindling to go. In this burn my torch was much more open which I have no doubt affected how well it burned and how much kindling (fire starter) was needed to get the chunks of wood properly burning.

with all of that being so the fire still burned well for well over 40 minutes and probably was working off the coals for a lot of that time. Had I been paying proper attention I am confident both my two-cups of boiling water and my large chocolate chip muffin would have cooked completely. Given that I threw this together without trying that hard I am confident that had I proplery nurtured the fire I would have had an effective cooking stove for a considerable length of time.

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